Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication Benefits

Shaping, bending and producing quality products from the aluminum metal is called aluAluminum Fabrication Los Angelesminum fabrication. During the Metal Fabrication of the required aluminum product, it goes through various steps from the initial design to the final finished outcome. Once useful parts have been formed from a raw material, different fabrication techniques like cutting, grinding, shaping, drilling or punching as well as CNC machining and stamping, etc. are applied to produce the desired product. Use of the latest technology and equipment allow for the production of durable and high-quality products to fit the desired requirements of the client. Many other processes that would have to be applied while using other materials can be incorporated into the extrusion process.

Alum Process

Different metals have different fabricating techniques, that is why the fabricating process for alum is different from other metals. This metal is extruded during the fabrication process, unlike other metals. The extrusion process is where the metal is pushed through a die to give it the required shape of the product. The extrusion process for aluminum is both a hot process as well as a cold process. This means that for hot extrusion the metal can be heated to make it easily malleable or in the case of cold extrusion aluminum is given shape at room temperature. Aluminum fabrication allows the creation of many different useful parts like screw and bolt chases which eliminate the use of having through holes and drilled holes.

Why use it?

Aluminum is a strong yet light metal. Its versatile nature offers numerous advantages that make it ideal for fabrication and extrusion. Not only is it being used in most products today it also has a modern appearance. The metal is adaptable to a large number of fabrication techniques and machining methods. Compared to other metals, the tooling costs for this metal is much lower. Most processes, when implemented with it, can be completed at an even higher speed which further reduces production cost. It is also free from corrosion and has little to no maintenance costs. Manufacturers today add color to aluminum products to further enhance their beauty according to the desired requirements.


Recycling is an important part of aluminum fabrication. This light metal is used widely today and it is fully recyclable. Reclaimed alum is melted and reprocessed during the fabrication process. Since aluminum is in use just about everywhere, this increases its value for recycling. 100% recyclability and the fact that recycling alum is much cheaper than extracting new alum from the oxide are what make recycling important for fabrication everywhere.


The use of aluminum today has become a norm. It is used extensively in construction, automobile industry, bicycle equipment, household appliances and items and just about everywhere else due to its functional and decorative uses which are limitless. Due to its light weight, it is used to make wheels for performance vehicles to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. A beverage can or even a door handle is an example and product of aluminum fabrication. It’s uses, therefore, today are limitless.