Aluminum is a soft and most abundantly found metal on earth. It is resistive to corrosion, light weight, strong and one of the most Aluminum Los Angelesreadily used materials for different uses in different fields. It is the second most used metal in the world after iron. It is also extremely functional. It is majorly used today in the aerospace industry and in transportation. In buildings, it is used for making windows, door handles, etc. Aluminum is extracted from bauxite ore using a process that requires a lot of electricity. The metal is also 100% recyclable however and the cost of recycling is less than that of extracting new alum. The alloyed forms of this metal can be extruded, cast or rolled into different shapes. It is also the metal most well suited for Mobile Tig Welding.


Despite being light in weight aluminum is a strong metal. Which is why it is used in vehicles and planes. Its strength can be adapted to fit different uses by changing the composition of aluminum alloys. Some of its alloys are equally strong to steel.


It is extremely light compared to other metals. Therefore, it is used in transport vehicles to reduce weight and improve fuel consumption. In performance vehicles, aluminum wheels are used to reduce weight.


It is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity. It is twice as good as copper due to its light weight.

Corrosion Resistant

A protective layer of oxide that develops naturally over the aluminum protects it from corrosion. This is why it used for preservation like in beverage cans.


The Alum metal is impermeable as well as odorless. It releases no taste or toxin which makes it ideal for packaging food and medicine.


It is completely and fully recyclable.


It is extremely malleable which allows it to be made into any desired shape.


Alum is a non-magnetic metal.

Zero Toxicity

Alum is the third most commonly present element in the Earth’s crust. It is also naturally present in our food and is not toxic at all.


It’s readily being used in almost every industry today. Its modern appearance and luster finish lend a decorative look when used in households. It also has numerous other uses.


Aluminum due to its light weight is used in the transportation industry. It is used in the form of sheets, tubes and casting in automobiles, aircraft, bicycles, railway cars, marine vessels as well as spacecraft, etc.


Aluminum is non-toxic and releases no odor or taste. It is therefore used for packaging in the form of cans, foil, etc. for food and beverages as well as in pharmaceutics.


In construction, this metal is used in making windows, doors, sidings, door handles, building wire, sheathing, and roofing, etc.

Household Items

Many household items are made of alum ranging from cooking utensils to watches.


There are other numerous uses of alum. Due its light weight, strength, and functionality it has many different applications.