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Arc Welding

The technique of joining metallic sheets - Arc Welding

Arc welding is one of the recent techniques that have been employed to join together to metallic sheets or parts. It is one of the several techniques for joining together metals. Arc welding is used to

permanently fuse together parts by using electricity to produce enough heat to melt the metal. An electric arc is produced between an electrode and the metal which produces the heat required to melt the material. The arc is electric current that is flowing between two electrodes via ionized gas chamber. This arc is able to produce enough heat which is intense enough to melt the metal. The heat is mainly produced through a negatively charged cathode and positively charged anode. The electrode performs two main tasks in the whole process. It is made of a specialized material which not only allows current to effectively pass through it but also melts to provide the filler material.

Electric Arc Weld
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The electric arc is formed between the work piece and electrode and provides the heat required to melt both electrode and work piece. The arc also sometimes becomes the mean of directing the filler material that is molten metal form electrode towards the joint.

Electrode Flow

When electricity is passed through the electrode and forms the arc between the electrode tip and work piece the temperatures can be as high as 6500 Fahrenheit. These high temperatures not only melt the electrode providing you with filler material but also melts the metal work piece. Small metal droplets from the electrode which acts as a filler and the molten metal workpieces can then be joined together. The droplets travel using the arc for direction and join the work pieces together. The whole process creates a pool of molten metal which is often called crater. As the electrode moves forward in the direction the crater keeps on solidifying resulting in a firm and strong bond between two metallic pieces.


Benefits of Arc Weld

There are several benefits that are associated with this type of welding. One of the most important benefits of this method is unlike traditional welding processes it is very fast. Accuracy is also a key feature of this welding. Using robotics to perform this welding a highly speedy and accurate result can be easily obtained. The regulations associated with this type of welding make sure that the end result is highly consistent and the product quality is same every time. As welding is a dangerous task this method is very safe as compared to some other welding processes in use these days. As there are no dangerous fumes and sparks your employs are working in better working conditions. Using robotics for laser welding has proven to be very cost efficient and the end result is also of the highest quality.

We know the importance and true utility of arc welding and our workforce is not only well trained it is also well equipped to take on any type of welding process that requires arc welding. Trained by keeping in view the international standards of quality and safety we are extremely confident in the Welding Services that we provide.