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Custom Welding

Custom welding is one of the most interesting types of welding jobs in trailer welding. This service includes welding and fabrication of different parts of a vehicle or a complete vehicle according to the requirements and specifications are given by the customer. As much fun and interesting as this job seems it can often prove to be one of the toughest types of trailer welding. This service allows you to create custom trailers according to your requirements. You don’t have to settle for a trailer that is available on the market but doesn’t serve the purpose that you want. With custom trailer welding services, you can give a list of requirements and a custom trailer according to those requirements will be delivered to you.

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This might seem like a simple and straightforward welding job but there are a lot of things that must be considered in a custom trailer welding job. One of the major concerns is safety, if the trailer fails under any circumstances it will be disastrous for the company. Owing to the new and unique design for every customer this is one of the most tricky jobs in trailer welding industry. This job is not for just any welder. Only a trained welder with lots of experience should be allowed to work on such a project.

Weldment Variables

There are a lot of things that must be considered while designing and fabricating a trailer according to customers’ requirements. Calculating the loads that will be applied to different parts of the trailer and then choosing the correct material for the part is one of the jobs of people working on such projects. Only after selection of the appropriate material and calculation of loads on different parts the type of welding that should be done to join different parts is determined. This is a tricky job and should be done by a trained professional only.

If the joint is not according to the material or the weight carrying requirements the vehicle will fail at any point during the service. Choosing the correct filler material is also a tricky job and must be done by a professional welder. Most of the companies do not provide the custom welding services because of the above-mentioned complexities involved in this process. The design, fabrication, and repair of different components of a custom trailer are not an easy job. A very high level of precision and accuracy is required in this task to make sure that every joint is at the proper place and gives the structure proper strength.

With some of the most experienced workers in the field of custom trailer welding in our team, we are proud to present this service to our customers. Our team is not only highly trained and certified according to international standards they have years of experience and have worked on numerous projects related to custom trailer welding services. Our workers are well trained and well equipped and eager to take on the challenges that this job offers.