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Custom Metal Fabrication

Providing you with Custom Metal Fabrication

In its most basic terms, Custom Metal Fabrication refers to cutting, shaping or molding metal based raw materials into a final product via the process of cutting, bending and assembling. Metal is available in abundance, it comes in many shapes and sizes ranging from metal bars to sheets and rods. Fab shops have different dimension specific metals at their disposal that is fit for use, the standard units of specific sizes are readily available. However, after signing the contract and receiving a project that requires a unique shape of the metal, steps are to be taken. Customized metal parts are created for the sake of this purpose, so when non-standardized parts are required the fabricators can make do.

Fabricating Customized Metals Los Angeles

Customized Metal Fabrication Pieces

In addition to the customized pieces being provided on the basis of “built-to-order” parts, the pieces hold more significance than simply being able to fit in the structure. A custom metal fabrication service aids in the entire product development process. Whether you require a single part or dozens of pieces to fit in your project from scratch, custom metal fabrication can provide you with both. When it comes to getting the perfect fit, customized product holds more advantage than their not so lucky counterparts. A customized rod designed specifically for a single purpose has a unique composition and structure based on the demands and can better adhere to the blueprint.

Design Services

What’s more, is custom design services provide you with the right item at the right time. Manufacturing a customized product requires more dedication, attention, and planning, due to the risk of having a product custom made and the results not being as per demands possess a liability. Hence insufficient investment of time and planning can result in structurally different/ weak / dimensionally improper custom made products that cannot yield fruitful results. Following are to be considered when customizing a metal:

Ideation and Conceptualizing

When it comes to customization having a general idea of what is required isn’t enough. Details about the specification will yield better results hence having significant information about the appearance, endurance, versatility, robustness etc. of the product will result in a product that is better designed as per the projects need. Having a conceptual idea and adding more information to it will give promising results.

Technology is on your side – Computer-aided design (CAD)

A computer based program such as CAD enables its user to transform their two-dimensional structure into a three dimensional one, provides a more accurate picture of what is to be expected. CAD also assists in determining a potential point of failures and weaknesses in the structure and allows you to fix them prior to actual manufacturing.

After the custom design process has been done, the next step is taken to make the design a reality. Determining which custom build service would be best suited to fabricate the pieces is of utmost importance. With a range of option to select from such as casting, drawing, forging, welding, drilling, mining etc. Decisions are made based on the endurance of the structure and what will work best for it. After the fabrication is done, the structure is finalized and assembled and rechecked for any potential flaws.