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Flatbed Fabricating

Multi-Axle Flatbed Trailer Welding

The flatbed trailer is our specialty let it be a two-axle, three-axle three or multi-axle flatbed trailer we know what kind you want and we craft the best possible transport vehicle for you. It depends on what kind of loads the vehicles will be utilized for we built and this requires stringent manufacturing and we are sure we are best at that. Our flatbed’s unwavering efficiency and quality astound. We have a unique knowledge of aluminum thus durability is our strongest pursuit.  We assure you that our flatbeds are crafted to meet the toughest challenges on the road, the never-ending distances, and the massive amount of load. The unique assembly system we use is sound and is something that comes after years of experience; this is the reason for our repute.  

Flatbed Welding Los Angeles

We also build customized flatbeds according to your company needs offering the specifications you need either it’s the variation in size or the minor to major changes in the whole built of the vehicle. Your duty is just to guide us about what you need and leave it on us to come up with the materialized form of your idea.


We are nearly the ultimate in performance, we can boast to the design that offers greater load and operating flexibility. Due to the manufacturing and material, we use the amount spent on maintenance will be negligible and the trailer will have marked longer life as compared with other trailers. These vehicles are ideal for heavy operations and carrying a large amount of fleet across long distances, these trailer will meet all the requirements for the specific applications you need them for.

Trailer Welding

The two-piece welded main beam design we use will eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners by welding on the neutral axis of the main beam where bending stress is minimal. Unlike bolted designs, this main beam doesn’t have fasteners, which eventually loosen, requiring additional maintenance over its lifetime and moreover, they are not as safe as the main beam ones.

Cross Members & Beams

Floor cross members weld to the main beam, side rail and floor to form a super stiff structure, eliminating the need for knee braces for a lighter weight trailer and less maintenance. In addition, the extruded, hollow core, aluminum floor system welds to the top flange of the main beam, creating a stronger beam section while also reducing weight. 

The multi-position tie down system offers flexibility to either tie down narrow loads to the center of the trailer or to the outside side rails. This patent-pending design also allows the use of either straps or chain ties to secure loads. In addition, this flatbed comes standard with five additional cross members to support steel coil hauls. An optional full-length coil package is available. 

The enhanced visibility lighting system offers three stop/tail/turn lights and five dual-function side marker lights. The side marker lights also function as turn signals for improved visibility to motorists. In addition, the one-piece, tubular bumper includes an extruded grip surface. Unlike smooth surfaces, the grip surface allows for easier access to the flatbed.