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Gas Welding & the process behind it

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Gas welding which is also known as Oxy fuel welding or oxyacetylene welding is one of the most commonly used techniques in the world. In this type of welding oxygen along with different gases such as acetylene, propylene, or propane which are burned to produce which is enough to either weld or cut the metal. This process is mostly used by plumbers, metal fabricators, security metal work specialists and heating and refrigeration engineers. Another important use of this type of welding or cutting is in the demolition industry. Many metallic structures can be easily demolished using this technique. By using an oxy combustible flame along with pure oxygen, a jet of heat is generated which can easily melt the metal which can then be joined with another metallic piece or sheet. This technique is mostly used for welding and cutting brass. There are three basic principles of gas welding.


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It is a metal joining process which is also called assembly process. In this operation, the filler material is different from the base material. When the melting temperature of filler material has obtained the operation of brazing is carried out. The melting temperature of filler material must be lower than that of the base material. For brazing to occur both materials must be brought to the same temperature which is usually the melting temperature of filler material.


This is also an assembly operation in which different parts are joined together by following a technical and step wise procedure which is similar to that of brazing. In this process, the filler material which is usually brass is melted using the oxy acetylene flame. This material melts at temperatures ranging from 800 degrees to 930 degrees. The melting temperature depends on the alloy of brass that you are using. This high temperature limits the formation of thin thicknesses which can limit the evaporation process. One requirement of this method is that a stripper is needed to promote the wetting of filler metal on the workpiece. This stripper is can be powdered, pasted or directly spun on the rod.


It is also an assembly procedure but it is different from brazing and brazes welding. In this process, different parts that are to be joined together are fused together using the high-temperature oxy acetylene flame. This process is also known as joint welding. This welding can be easily carried out even without the filler material. After matching the materials, the welding can be carried out. If both parts are made of same material this is the best process for joining them together.

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