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Materials & Equipment for Mobile TIG Welding

Mobile TIG Welding has made our lives easier since decades but not all the efforts are credited to the companies contracted or the vehicle itself. Mobile Welding has accomplished as much as it did due to the fine materials and equipment it makes use of to fulfill welding purposes. The requirements for the materials needed for a mobile tig welding vehicle and in general for the sake of portability are difficult to come by. Any equipment that doesn’t meet the benchmark not only is a failed investment but also gives poor results, doing more harm than good. Hence contracting a professional company that has the advantage of fine equipment at their disposal will prove to be more beneficial.

The materials and equipment required should be portable as well as be immune to the external environment and robust in their functioning. Mobile welding requires the welders to travel a great distance and perform jobs that are complex so it is only natural to have equipment and materials that can get the job done quickly while simultaneously being effective. Additionally, other equipment requirements also play a key role. The equipment is expected to function flawlessly and repeat welds, due to this particular need the equipment is required to be automated.

Tig Weld Element Los Angeles

While Mobile welding differs significantly in nature and in functioning than its antediluvian counterpart, need for finer more adaptable equipment is essential. As compared to in-plant welding, the power supply and the number of options available are limited. Therefore, equipment and supporting materials that are versatile, robust yet light in weight and travel-friendly are required for mobile welding. A brief list includes the following:

    Air compressor/air tools

    Chop saw

    Misc hand tools/hammers

    Oxy/Acel torch set




    Plasma toys



    Fire extinguishers

    First aid kit

    And most importantly a Welder

Portable Weld

Thanks to mobile welding, the demand for portable machinery can’t possibly get any higher. Engine driven welding equipment are now being invented and hence Tony Blazina, president of Zena Inc. creator of one such equipment estimated that for every ten hours to approx. twenty hours spent and dedicated to welding in a fabrication shop, another 5 minutes to 10 minutes of welding is required in the field.

“Typically, when equipment or components (beams, girders, etc.) are installed, someone has to fabricate the final product at the installation location by welding at the job site.” Alongside with “Where mobile welding is concerned, for almost every piece of large equipment or a steel beam welded in a shop, installation requires at least some on-site welding for connection or maintenance.”

Are words stated by Tony Blazina, president of Zena Inc. regarding mobile welding and its equipment requirements.

Hence the need for such fine equipment is essential either in one way or the other. When It comes to welding, the location varies significantly ranging from factories to outdoor places such as construction sights, industrial structures, high-rise bridges, and buildings. Not only are the equipment and supporting materials required for mobile tig welding portable, but they also eliminate the need to continue operating the huge generator powered ones.