Oversized Loads – Multi-Axle

We can design the multi-axle which fit for all kinds of roads and all kind of fleet and passengers. Our multi axles are one in the kind and are equipped all the best features one can require. Our steering configuration is quite high and we can boast that a very less amount of manufacturers actually touch that. The hydraulic steerable units our vehicles are equipped with are perhaps the most maneuverable.

Los Angeles Multi-Axle

9 Axle Trailers

Our most popular Multi-Axle Trailers come in 9, 13, or 19 axle tractor/trailer combinations with a

vailable capacities of over 150 tons. We offer remote control steering functions, hydraulic lift towers, and central hydraulic power units with diesel engines as options making things the best for you.

The Nelson Multi-Axle Trailer can be built with versatility in mind. Interchangeable decks, deck extensions, removable/reversible cross members, adjustable deck height shim points, and adjustable camber shim points are available on all units.

It depends on what kind of loads the vehicles will be utilized for and we built and this requires stringent manufacturing and we are sure we are best at that. Our multi axle unwavering efficiency and the quality that astounds. We have the unique knowledge of aluminum thus the durability is our strongest pursuit.  We assure that our multi axle is crafted to meet the toughest challenges in the road, the never-ending distances and the massive amount of load. The unique assembly system we use is sound and is something that comes after years of experience; this is the reason of our repute.  

Customized Welding

We also build customized multi axle according to your company needs offering the specifications you need either it’s the variation in size or the minor to major changes in the whole built of the vehicle. Your duty is just to guide us about what you need and leave it on us to come up with the materialized form of your idea.

Innovation for Logistics

We are nearly the ultimate in performance, we can boast to the design that offers greater load and operating flexibility. Due to the manufacturing and material, we use the amount spent on maintenance will be negligible and the trailer will have marked longer life as compared with other trailers. These vehicles are ideal for heavy operations and carrying a large amount of fleet across long distances, these trailer will meet all the requirements for the specific applications you need them for.

Multi-Axles for Oversized Loads

Multi-axles which are used for carrying oversized loads which are their prime use in most regions requiring larger trailers.  This requirement depends upon the design of the rear axles. Because of two axles in the rear, if tires of the one axle are going over a speed breaker, the other one is still on the ground thus reducing the overall jerk felt in the passenger compartment and our axles have that feature installed. Similarly, if the tires on one of the axles are going into the pothole in the road, the other one will stay on the ground. One important thing to note here we take care of is the placement of spring leaf. Our services are here for you and customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our professionally trained team is here to welcome you and take your fleet business to new heights. Check out our Trailer Welding for more information.


Multi-Axle Welding Los AngelesMulti-Axle Welding Los Angeles