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Stick Welding

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) - Stick Welding

Stick Welding which is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or Covered Electrode is one of the most widely used types of arc welding processes. Stick welding utilizes a fixed length of the electrode and an electric power source to join a number of different metals and metallic parts.

Foundation of the Rod Weld
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Los Angeles

The core of the covered electrode consists of a solid metal rod which acts as a filler material in the process of welding. This solid metal rod is surrounded by a covering of mineral compounds and metal powders mixed with a binding agent which helps them to adhere to the surface of the electrode. The main function of the core metallic rod is to conduct electric current to the arc and provides filler metal for the joint.

Voltage & Amperage

The voltage required for the welding process is defined by the size and types of electrodes used and the usual working range is between 16 to 40 volts. The electrode size also defines the amperage requirement which falls in the range of 20 to 550 amp. You can use either alternating current or direct current depending on the type of electrode used. However, the power source that you are using must be able to easily control the current level within a reasonable range so that it can effectively respond to the complex and variable nature of the whole welding process.

Shield Metal Arc Benefits

One of the major advantages of stick welding is that it is an extremely versatile process. When we talk in terms of location and environment of the welding process this is the process that can be done almost everywhere. This process is ideal and welding can be done indoors, outdoors, on a ship, a bridge, or on a production line. The process is also ideal for oil refineries or cross-country pipelines. This method can be used on small-scale projects as well as large projects. As there is no need for gas and water hoses this is ideal for welding in remote areas. Welding cables can be extended over long distances and beyond the power source giving you more freedom of movement than any other type of welding. Another major advantage of using this process is the cost-effectiveness. The equipment requires for this process is not only simple it is also very inexpensive and portable. You don’t need to buy any auxiliary gas shielding or granular flux for this process. The process is well suited for most of the metals and alloys that are commonly used these days. This advantage greatly adds to the value and usage of this process. 

The Team

Our organization consists of trained and professional welders that know every aspect of the stick welding process. They are well aware of the value and widespread use of this method and know-how to cater to the needs of the client. Our workers are trained according to the highest level of professionalism and follow international levels of safety and precaution. For the best quality of stick welding requirements and the most economical prices in the market make sure that you choose the best Welding Services providers in the country.