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Structural Steel

Structural Steel - Los Angeles

Structural Steel is an alloy. Its major constituent metal is iron. Iron is joined with a few other metals prominently carbon to form steel. It is low in cost and has high tensile strength. These properties make it ideal for use in construction. It is used today in buildings, infrastructure, automobiles, etc. Structural steel is a type of steel used specifically for 

construction purposes. The steel is produced into structural shapes that become an important part of buildings. A structural steel shape is formed following specified standards related to its chemical composition and mechanical properties. It is also made following specific shapes having a specific cross area. In most industrialized countries, the shaping, sizing, composition, storage methods, as well as strength, are standardized. This means that there are regulations related to the standards 

related to the practice of all these methods that must be followed.

Common Shapes
Structured Steel Los Angeles

Most used structural shapes include:

  • I-Beam is an I shaped cross-section
  • Z-Shape Half flanges in opposite directions to each other forming a Z shape
  • HSS-Shape Hollow Structural Sections with cross-sections in square, rectangular, circular, and elliptical shapes
  • Angle Steel bars in L shape also known as angle bars
  • Structural channel Channeled bars or C-shaped steel bars
  • Tee Steel bars with T shaped cross-sections
  • Rail Profile I-beams but asymmetrical
    • Railway rail
    • Vignoles rail
    • Flanged T-rail
    • Grooved rail
  • Bar Long and a flat rectangular piece of steel
  • Rod long pieces of steel circular or square in shape
  • Plate 6mm or thicker sheets of steel
  • Joist

Many of these are made using hot or cold rolling techniques but that is not the case always. Some of these are made by joining flat or bent plates using welding. Mobile Tig Welding is popular for use on steel.


Structural steel is one of the most common and popular materials being used today in construction. Along with its low cost and high tensile strength, it has the following characteristics.


Structural steel has properties of high strength, stiffness, toughness as well as being ductile. Commercial, as well as industrial building construction commonly, employs the use of structural steel for these reasons.


Steel is much less likely to develop mold than wood.

Fire Resistance

Steel itself is a noncombustible material which means that it does not catch fire. During a fire, however, the high temperatures of the steel are exposed to noticeably reduce the strength and stiffness of the material. Therefore, it is required as per the International Building Code that steel should be enclosed in fire-resistant materials.


Steel can corrode in the presence of water and can, therefore, endanger the built structure. So, to avoid this, countermeasures are employed that protects the steel from corrosion. The steel can be painted to give it resistance from the water. The material enveloping the steel for fire resistance is also commonly water-resistant.


Any shape can be developed using structural steel. The steel can be made into any desirable shape and the pieces are then joined together using welding or bolting. Be sure to check out our mobile welding services today!