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The need for weldment has been around for centuries and is here to stay. As long as science fails to manufacture something indestructible, there will always be a need to repair and maintain the object of interest. Similarly, the future of welding is long lasting, skilled laborers are required to carry on the job. In fact, an estimation of the vast number of opportunities in the field of welding as stated by The American Welding Society ranges up to 290,000 job openings. This estimate is most likely to be observed in 2020, providing with tremendous job opportunities for welders.

The Truth about Welding:

A false concept that welding is a “dead-end job” is mainly believed to be true. However, this is not the case, a lot of workers that specialized in welding have now reached retirement age and there are not enough newbies to fill in the gaps. With a demand that exceeds supply, we all know how the economic principles work.

The Fear of Technology Take-Overs:

With the new equipment constantly being sold in the market that aid in making life easier, there is also a well-known fear of machines replacing human labor. While most construction and fabricating companies have switched to mechanical ways to make their product offerings more effective and efficient, they are no way near to replacing human labor. Efficient machines require skilled works to provide them with the instructions to get the job done perfectly and hence there is a large scope for welders and those who wish to pursue a career in that field.   

Verifiable Specific Training:

Many people assume that weldment does not provide with enough career opportunities, this can’t be farther from the truth. Some people jump into the field, get minimum training and end up in the pile of unemployed workers and create a misconception about welding as a whole. Getting verifiable specific training is the way to go, by extending your skill set, you can significantly enhance your service offerings. Making you efficient for a variety of tasks and having a never ending demand.

Job Opportunities:

There are still hundreds of jobs available for newbies and professional welders available in the market and The American Welding Society is making an effort to make sure that people can take full advantage of the provided opportunities. An option to get a certification as well as continuing higher education is also available on their site, providing you with even more opportunities to reach your full potential! There are various career tracks a welder can choose, following different training centers, apprenticeship programs, and job opportunities, each having different requirements.

What’s more, is welding will always be in demand as it has proven to be an efficient method to join two metals. The consumer market will continuously provide growth opportunities for businesses and individual welders. Furthermore, there are segments being formed in weldments, that separate specialization with respect to different metallic components. An increase in the following segments are predicted over the next decade; welding automation, GTA welding and GMA welding with mixed gas shielding. These fields cover a broad perspective, hiding many more opportunities within them, making welding eternal.   

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