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Welding and Metal Fabrication

Welding and Metal Fabrication

While seemingly so on the surface, welding and metal fabrication differ significantly from one another. The primary difference between weldment and fabrication is in terms of assembly, weldment requires different parts to be welded together to create a single structure while fabrication does not rely on welding alone to form a single structure. The assembly process of fabrication takes account of different methodologies that can be used, such as welds, bolts, screws, adhesives, nuts and so on.

All Weldments can be classified as Welding and Metal Fabrication but not all fabrications can be classified under weldment
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When it comes to welding, a project can vary in size and requirements. Weldment can form a complete project entirely on its own or weldment can be turned into simply a part of the entire project. Weldments can also be classified differently; some can consist of two to three parts while others may consist of over hundreds of parts. The number and types of parts are dependent on the type of project under questioning.

However, the basic nature of weldment remains the same. Even the most complex structures start off by welding two pieces together. Even the initial projects require a plan before they can be Implemented and hence companies that specialize in the field are here to help! Weldment and fabrication are complex processes and require the attention of a skilled specialist in the field to minimize losses. Many variables play a part when it comes to getting the job done, whether with the use of weldment or metal fabrication, some of which are;


Parts and Pieces:

Welded fabrications have a variety of options, they can either be made from pre cut and pre-formed parts or made specifically from part cut and formed with the use of one’s hands. Pre-shaped pieces can be precut, bend or machined depending on the requirements of the project. Custom fabrication is when the parts and pieces are designed and made specifically for the needs of a project.

Tack Welds:

In its most basic term, tack welds are welds which are small in size and are created during the assembly process. Their function is to hold all the piece together before they can be finished by wither weldment or some other process of Metal Fabrication. When creating a unique structure, making good tack welds leads to more efficient assembly work and hence is given great importance.

Determining the Location and Alignment Points:

The location determines where the parts are to be fitted, i.e. in the edge or center of the entire structure. These points are allocated based on the demands of the project that has been contracted. Alignment slots, patches, and points are made onto the parts to make the assembly process easy and efficient. The placement of the overall points is determined by the thickness, material composition, and blueprint in mind.

Tolerance and Quality check:

When fabricating a weldment, care is taken to accurately align all the parts and fit them accordingly into the structure so the size is not disproportioned. Luckily the professionals know how to do their job and know how to form a structure without over burdening it at the joints. A test for tolerance is conducted as well as an overall quality check to ensure optimum performance.